PlayBook Launch

I hope anyone who got their new Blackberry Playbook yesterday 4/19/2011 is happy and satisfied with the first step by RIM in the tablet market. I for one had a terrible time first trying to just get my hands on the Playbook then just getting it to work properly. I pre-ordered my Playbook from Best Buy on 4/9/2011 which they stated that meant it would arrive on 4/19/2011 launch date. After getting home with my anxiety building and expectations so high to see my Playbook at my front door waiting to be unboxed, I was severely disappointed not to have it waiting for me.

I first called Best Buy Customer Service and spoke with a woman for about 20 minutes and she told me all types of things just giving me false hope. She even said it might still come tonight and that she saw that it was ready to go on the truck and delivered. The more I thought about it the more it bothered me that I pre-ordered my Playbook and I didn’t have it, what really would be the point of pre-oredering something like this if I’m not even going to get it at launch and if I was just to go to the store I could easily pick one up and not to mention the fact that I had to pay almost $50.00 for shipping.

I ended up calling and talking to another woman customer representative and she was a lot more helpful this time at least. She was straight up and honest with me and said that there was really not even an actual tangible item/device with my name on it. She said they sold so many of them and they have just been running out of stock, but I asked “why would that effect someone like me that pre-ordered one, should it be effected by them selling quickly?” Either way my wife and I both complained quiet a bit about this and eventually got the main managers phone number and a case number to give him.

Now after all that I still didn’t have my Playbook and the only thing left to do was go buy one. So I drove to the closet Best Buy and picked up a 16GB for over $500.00, so that’s a total of over $1000.00 I have spent to get this Playbook. After taking it home and opening it, I couldn’t put it down, the display was beautiful and gestures were flawless also the Blackberry Bridge worked perfectly between my Playbook and Torch. Now the only issue is I am taking this device back to exchange it because it won’t take a charge. It is a problem with the device and the input for the charger, so it could be worse but at least I have got to use it briefly and I know how to setup everything including the Bridge. But this experience could have and should have been a lot nicer, and maybe next time it will be.


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