RIM Q2 2012 Earnings Overview

These are some bullet points from the RIM Q2 earnings call on 9/15/2011.

• BB7 received enthusiastically by both carriers and consumers
• Early sales of BB7 are strong
• NFC to differentiate first to offer secure access to buildings
• BBM music has access to 10 million songs at launch later this fall.
• Nortel patents will help RIM in the future of RIM’s platform
• Plans for driving PlayBook sales on the way
• 13 billion BBM connected apps downloads
• PlayBook software bundle of many features such as native PIM apps, video store and movies.
Movies available same as DVD release
• Update will be demo at devcon and release thereafter.
• Android app player will be released also shortly after DevCon
• App World 129 markets
• QNX smartphone development is going well. Prototypes will be shown in the near feature.
• RIM is on track to a better Q3 performance with help from BB7 and plans for holiday sales.
• QNX smartphones will have all the features users want when they are released
• PlayBook OS 2.0 will bring BES support
• QNX smartphone app eco-system will be demo-d at DEVCON

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