BlackBerry Bridge Connection

I don’t know about everyone else but I am losing my mind right now because of BlackBerry Bridge issues. Just starting today my BlackBerry Bold 9900 would not connect to my PlayBook via bluetooth. It would connect just for a second then cut off and have a pop-up saying BlackBerry Bridge is not installed or something like that. Anyways I restarted my PlayBook and my Bold 9900 and after that I didn’t have any issues connecting, the problem now is disconnecting the Bridge.

When I turn my bluetooth off on my PlayBook I have been getting the most annoying pop-up saying I must turn bluetooth on to connect to my BlackBerry smartphone, with the option to turn bluetooth on or cancel. After clicking the cancel button my PlayBook would show bluetooth connection off and the bridge not connected, but after about 5 seconds the same message would pop back up on my PlayBook saying I must have bluetooth on to connect to my BlackBerry? I just got it to stop showing this pop-up after leaving my BlackBerry and PlayBook connected for about 15 minutes but it was just an annoyance really, and it doesn’t help this is happening right after my BIS service was down yesterday. Has anyone experienced anything strange between their BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook when bridged via bluetooth? If so leave a comment.


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