DevCon Americas 2011

Here are just a few highlights from today’s BlackBerry Developers Conference.

•165 million BlackBerry’s sold and over 50 million BBM users, an 80 percent increase!

•BBX combines the best of BlackBerry and the best of QNX

•QNX- certified secure & reliable kernal

•The idea is to have the HTML 5 apps run like native apps, so devs can “write once, deploy everywhere.”

•Introduction of the Astonishing Cascades Native UI Framework. Everything looks very nice.

•Cascades is built into BBX and it gives developers access to low level API’s and higher level plug and play development.

•Enterprise Services: The apps are hosted on your company’s BES, and are accessible by company employess around the world.

•App World supports 26 currencies, has 70 million users, 150 million devices, and is in 130 countries.

•1 billion apps downloaded, 140 million a month, and BB7 phones make 11 times the revenue of BB6 or BB5 phones.

•13 percent of devs make over $100,000 per year off BlackBerry apps.

•There’s now an HTML 5 site, with WebWorks 2.0, and an Android player portal as well.

•AIR 3 and Flash Player 11 come with the new OS release.

•There are over 4,000 flash apps thus far.

•Developing for BlackBerry is both easy and profitable!


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