Virus from the Postal Service

It looks like there is a virus that is going around in the form of an email from the United States Postal Service, address This email is going out to Yahoo account holders all over today, my Wife received the email early this morning and I just received the same email. There is two attachments on the email with one of them being a zip file which I assume might have the virus hiding within the file just waiting to be open and unzipped. The email reads:


Unfortunately we failed to deliver the postal package you have sent on the
12th of November in time because the recipient’s address is erroneous.

Please print out the shipment label attached and collect the package at our

United States Postal Service

This is not an official USPS email, not only does it look like a fake email especially with the email not giving specific information about you like your name or the name of the recipient. Another thing that made my wife notice that this is not an official USPS email is the fact that there is about 20 other recipients of the same email at the time I received it. Meaning this is a spam email that has been sent to tons of Yahoo account users at once I hopes that you will open one of the attachments.

If anyone has any other information or has anything to add please leave a comment with any info you may have.


One thought on “Virus from the Postal Service

  1. Yes, I got one. And it so happens that I did send out a package around the time they said i did. almost fell for it. i did download the zip file, but never opened it after looking closer at the other names. I contacted the person i sent the package too, and they did receive it. I have a mac, and so far, lucky about avoiding a virus, but this was tricky and almost got me! Thanks for putting it out there friend.


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