Unsecured Wifi

So I am usually a very secure person when it comes to things like using open Wifi networks and not using passwords or visit banking sites while using unsecured connections. However, the office building that I work in does not always get the best coverage being that it is inside and we are only on the second floor so there are many floors above us. So coworkers and I are always looking for ways to get a better signal in the building especially because it seems that Verizon is the only carrier that has really great service in our building and most of us have AT&T or T-Mobile. There are a couple of Guest Wifi Networks that are open and fairly easy to get into because they just ask for the Password provide by that company and they are usually quickly figured out but since you have to accept a bunch of Legal Terms of Use to use these networks I try, as well as my coworkers, to steer clear of using these networks.

Yesterday an Unsecured Wireless Network popped up on a couple of our phones after being noticed by someone who’s LG Thrill had a notification of an open network. The network is the name of the property management group that owns our building so of course we all thought they just finally decided to help out so many of us here that do not have good signal strength in the building and who’s employers do not have a wireless network setup.

My thoughts are, ‘How do we know that this is not someone on a floor above us using a Wifi Hotspot feature on their device?’ ‘How do we know that no one is just watching us as we surf the web, Facebook, email and sign on personal password protected websites?’ This Unsecured Wireless Network does not have the strongest of signals and it is constantly cutting in and out of connection, I don’t know if that would have anything to do with the Wifi Hotspot feature like maybe because only 5 devices could be connected at once? or if that is just because there is probably by this time a lot of people connected to this wireless network?

I am going to be watching this Wifi network and examine if there are any changes to it and I will ask around more to see if anyone knows about it. But if there is anyone who has anything to add to this or if you know a way to determine if this is a try open Wifi network or if there is someone that is just fouling many people in our building, and if you have any input on weather the Wifi Hotspot feature on certain phones is being used here or if that for whatever reason is just not possible leave a comment and let me know I would love to hear what everyone has to say about these theories.


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