Qiss for the BlackBerry PlayBook

This is just a quick post I am putting up for people to be aware of this as well as people to give advice on what is the best route to take against an application vendor in a situation when they do something that is completely wrong. Qiss is an application for the BlackBerry PlayBook by OneTouch. This application is just like any other application that is links all of your social networks into one single application. But this specific application is not like all other application, because from what I see there is something malicious about this app.

I installed this app on my PlayBook and started setting up my account within the app. After signing into my Facebook account specifically I got an error message on the screen. I then went to my desktop to see my Facebook account and when it pulled up I had a message with a map that says “Suspicious Account Access” and that my account was recently accessed from somewhere in Germany? Near Frankfurt Am Main, HE, DE from a Chrome for WinVista computer. This is obviously not me trying to access my account from Germany, an I have also read that I am not the first person to have this happen after using Qiss for PlayBook.

I spent that night going back through and changing passwords like multiple Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, email accounts and Facebook. It was a seriously upsetting situation and I didn’t know where to start to even get answers to why this happened and why someone that obtained my information that I trusted them with used it against my wishes. I have emailed the company ‘OneTouch’ multiple times now and have yet to hear from them, I am now going to reach out to RIM so at least they will be aware of this problem because in my opinion it is nothing but a blatant disregard for my privacy and hopefully this will not continue to happen.

If you know anything about a situation similar or have any advice on good steps to take next in looking for an answer to this problem, in the meantime I would just say ‘Stay away from this app and this company’. Any comments are appreciated.


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