What I want most from BlackBerry 10

I have officially decided what I want to see come with BlackBerry 10 more than anything. What I really hope is that when BlackBerry 10 devices are released that they no longer lock up and are unusable for 1 to 2 minutes with the Track Pad (or Hour Glass) on the screen just frozen with nothing you can do but pull the battery or wait for it to unfreeze. This has been such an annoyance to me for as long as I can remember and my Bold 9900 has been getting progressively worse the past couple days leading me to think it is time again for another complete device wipe, which I really wish wasn’t the case.

This is no huge deal and I’m not going to leave BlackBerry because of it or anything, but it would really be wonderful if I was able to get through the entire day using my BlackBerry and completely flowing through all my apps and getting stuff done with none of these annoying hiccups on my device.


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