Great Website for Flash Games on the PlayBook

I am always looking for great games to play on my BlackBerry PlayBook, and since I first got it I have enjoyed being able to play flash games on different websites. I was looking through games on the Chrome Web store on my laptop and looking at the description I saw there were many flash games in throughout the store. I noticed Web Store Games came up a couple of times so I went to the web site on my PlayBook and it works great. The games are easy to play on the PlayBook and I haven’t seen any that aren’t compatible. Check out the web site and try out some of the free flash games on there.

Update: Unlike what I said above there are some games here that are not compatible with a full touch screen/tablet because of the lack of physical keys that are required in some of the games. But there are still some great ones, I am addicted to ‘Bowmaster’ which is a simple but addictive game so check it out!


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