BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta Coming This Week

We have been hearing about PlayBook OS 2.1 for a while now and it looks like we will be seeing it very soon in beta version. PlayBook Product Manager, Michael Clewly, tweeted that we can expect to see the 2.1 beta by the end of May. The beta 2.1 will be similar to the beta 2.0 that was made available to consumers before the official release. You will need to register your PlayBook’s PIN and then you will receive the update to your PlayBook.

PlayBook OS 2.1 will have these features included:

• Android Multi-Tasking (this is a feature I am very excited about)
• Bridge texting & wi-fi transport support (also another feature that is a very cool enhancement to BlackBerry Bridge)
• Portrait Email, Contacts & Calendar
• App World carrier shell (as we saw pop up on some PlayBook’s close to OS 2.0, for instance my PlayBook had a Verizon Apps Option)
• Personal Encryption.
• Over-the-air actuvation over Mobile Fusion.

I can’t wait to try out PlayBook OS 2.1 and the browser will hopefully have some of those little improvements we all have been wanting to see, like font changes and being able to edit bookmakers. Regardless, the features that are known to be coming are still some great ones!


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