T-Mobile BlackBerry Internet Service Outage

It has been a couple of hours now that the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) on T-Mobiles’ network are down. Just before 3:30 P.M. today my Bold 9900 was not connecting to the internet, I could BBM, browse any websites or do anything really. I ran a Diagnostics Test (Options> Networks and Connections> Mobile Network> Menu Key and choose Diagnostics Test and Run). I could see here that my BlackBerry was not connected, although my BlackBerry did register with T-Mobile.

I called T-Mobile’s number that came up when I went into ‘Setup’ and chose ‘Email Accounts’ and the screen says that the BlackBerry Internet Service is Disconnected or Suspended, and the number to call appears there. It was just a response that RIM is aware of the situation and they are working to find a solution. I also say some saying they heard that the problem is on T-Mobile’s side, but who knows. Hopefully they have this issue resolved soon, cause I don’t want RIM having another three day outage.

Nokia Has Officially Acquired Scalado

You will recall the Awesome BlackBerry 10 Camera that was shown off at BlackBerry World 2012. Well the company behind the development of that amazing technology, Scalado, has been acquired by Nokia and the acquisition is now complete. The camera on the BlackBerry 10 will still have this technology and has an agreement to use this feature on upcoming phones. Below is the press release.

Press Release:
Nokia completes acquisition of developers, technologies and intellectual property for imaging from Scalado
Acquisition aims to bring outstanding imaging experiences to Nokia Lumia smartphones
Espoo, Finland and Lund, Sweden: Nokia announced today that it has completed the acquisition of all technologies and intellectual property from Scalado AB, originally announced on June 14, 2012. As part of the transaction, approximately 50 world-class imaging specialists transferred to Nokia.
“We believe that this acquisition will strengthen Nokia’s leading position in mobile imaging and provide us with a great opportunity to create even better imaging products and applications,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president, Smart Devices at Nokia. “We welcome the skilled and passionate professionals from Scalado to Nokia and are excited to have them work with the rest of our talented and dedicated imaging experts to bring world-class imaging solutions to our Nokia Lumia smartphones. The Nokia team is already responsible for many leading innovations in mobile imaging and, together with the experts from Scalado, we aim at astonishing the world with new, outstanding imaging experiences.”
Lund has now become a key site for Nokia’s imaging software for smartphones, in addition to Nokia’s existing locations in Espoo and Tampere, Finland.
“We’re excited to join Nokia at such an important time in its smartphone story,” said Sami Niemi, co-founder of Scalado and now head of Capture & Relive, Smart Devices at Nokia. “The technologies and competences we’ve developed should help move from taking photos to capturing memories and emotions.”

Source: Engadget