T-Mobile BlackBerry Internet Service Outage

It has been a couple of hours now that the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) on T-Mobiles’ network are down. Just before 3:30 P.M. today my Bold 9900 was not connecting to the internet, I could BBM, browse any websites or do anything really. I ran a Diagnostics Test (Options> Networks and Connections> Mobile Network> Menu Key and choose Diagnostics Test and Run). I could see here that my BlackBerry was not connected, although my BlackBerry did register with T-Mobile.

I called T-Mobile’s number that came up when I went into ‘Setup’ and chose ‘Email Accounts’ and the screen says that the BlackBerry Internet Service is Disconnected or Suspended, and the number to call appears there. It was just a response that RIM is aware of the situation and they are working to find a solution. I also say some saying they heard that the problem is on T-Mobile’s side, but who knows. Hopefully they have this issue resolved soon, cause I don’t want RIM having another three day outage.


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