Google Has Retained Street View Data

Google has admitted to the Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office that it has not yet deleted all of the data the company’s Street View cars collected. Google’s Street View cars skimmed unencrypted Wifi data as it passed on the streets, and Google maintains this was done in error and the system was enabled by a lone engineer.

Google has been under investigation, for privacy issues in the Google Street View situation, by multiple governments including the US and United Kingdom. . Google was found guilty of violating UK data protection laws, and the FCC fined the company $25,000 over the data violation. Google has also made a deal with the British Information Commissioner’s Office were Google was to delete all of the collected data from Google Street View cars.

The company admitted that it still has a “small portion” of the data collected by its Street View vehicles in the UK, and the remaining data the Google is storing was uncovered in the course of a manual inspection of its Street View disk inventory. Google says it is in the middle of efforts to notify other governments of its retention of the Street View data.


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