Real-Time Language Translation Performed with Augmented Reality Glasses

Computer programmer Will Powell has built a prototype real-time language translation system inspired by Google’s Project Glass.

This system listens to the speech using a bluetooth microphone that picks up the signal and connects to a smartphone or tablet. The signal is sent to the Microsoft Translator service, which than transcribes the language into one of 37 languages of the user’s choosing and displays the translation directly on the user’s glasses. The translation is displayed on the lower half of the glasses, so there is basically real-time subtitles showing on the glasses.

On this Video Demo the subtitles are displayed on a TV display which is powered by two Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

The system is still in the works but it is running pretty nicely, according to Powell most of the delay in subtitles is caused by server time needed to process the information and caching the common expressions has a mitigated the problem. The Vuzix Star 1200 glasses used for this project retail for about $5,000 US.

Source: Gizmag