The CIA Investing in Broadband Wireless Chips

The CIA’s venture investment arm, In-Q-Tel, is investing in small, flexible transistor chips used in building a broadband wireless networks and devices.

Robert Ames, senior VP of In-Q-Tel’s information and communication technologies practice, announced the investment and said the technology will support multiple standards across a range of frequencies. Lime Microsystems is producing the digitally configurable transceivers for wireless networking.

Lime Micro’s integrated transceiver chips are small and can replace multiple chips in cell base stations and repeaters. The chip can be reconfigured to operate in a variety of frequency bands, the chips are compatible with LTE, 3G, and WiMAX standards. They can also be reconfigured for 16 bandwidths up to 28 megahertz. They can be used in all 4G, 3G, and 2G bands. According to a Lime spokesman “Each country uses different frequencies and standards for their mobile networks”. The Office of Management and Budget demands that federal agencies tap into a more efficient IT delivery model.


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