Study Finds YouTube Chosen Over iTunes, Radio and CD’s for Listening to Music

A recent study by Nielsen Music 360 found that teenaged Americans will more readily turn to YouTube to listen to music than they will any other source. This includes iTunes, the radio and CD’s. 48% of respondents indicated that radio is their most prominent music discovery tool, while more teens use Youtube video streaming service to ‘listen‘ to music only 7% said they discover music most through YouTube.

This study is based on the results from 3,000 online consumer surveys Nielsen conducted in the United States.

When listening to music, 64% of respondents said they listen through YouTube the most, while 56% said they listen to music on the radio the most. iTunes was in third place at 53%, while CDs ranked fourth at 50%.

The study revealed that nearly half of teens have radio apps on their smartphones and that digital music has surpassed physical CDs in terms of perception of value. Among respondents with smartphones, 54% said they had music player apps on their devices, while 47% and 26%, respectively, said they had radio apps or music store apps on their phones. The study also revealed that recommendations from friends are the most powerful marketing tool among teens. 54% of respondents said that a positive recommendation from a friend made them more likely to make a purchase.


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