Electronic Device could be the Answer to Restoring Eye Sight

Photo from Ubergizmo: Dr. Sheila Nirenberg (On the Right)

Photo from Ubergizmo: Dr. Sheila Nirenberg (On the Right)

A Neuroscientist, Dr. Sheila Nirenberg, has developed a technique that uses a camera and a processor to replace defective organic visual organs. She said the majority of the medical condition of being blind or near-blind was induced by a damage to the Retina.

She has restored sight to mice that went from being completely blind to being able to visually track moving objects, using this technique and device. She bypass’ the damaged organic elements by using electronic parts like camera sensors.

Similar techniques have been tried, using camera CMOS sensors. But what’s different about this particular technique is that Dr. Sheila Nirenberg lets the Ganglion Cells do the transcoding light into brain-compatible signals.

Bypassing the damaged organic elements isn’t the hard part, it was to make the ganglion cells that are in the retina work with the synthetic apparatus. They form a layer in the retina and are responsible for turning light into an electric signal that is understood by the brain.

Dr Nirenberg presented her research at Ted, watch the video of that Here

Source: Ubergizmo


Tablet Comparison Chart 2012 (Amazon, Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung)

This is a chart that Research In Motion has made and they call it their “Sales Battle Card”. It is a comparison chart between the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook, Apple’s New iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

As you can see the BlackBerry PlayBook definitely blows the competition away. But sadly most people won’t see this chart or they won’t take time to look and compare for themselves. The PlayBook really is an amazing device, I just don’t think people are going to give it the notice and credit it deserves, not trying to be too bias here, but mainly people won’t except the PlayBook for what it is because it isn’t an Apple product and it’s not called the iPad.

BlackBerry phones do have there fair share of problems, I am definitely a hardcore BlackBerry user and my Bold 9900 is constantly giving me problems. So I can understand peoples frustrations with BlackBerry devices. But honestly if BlackBerry 10 is anything like what is promised and since it is built with QNX software like the PlayBook is and it will have similar functionality as the PlayBook, I think BlackBerry 10 is really going to be a smartphone worth trying even if you dislike BlackBerry.

Dish Network Planning Nationwide Satellite Broadband

A report by Bloomberg, states that Dish Network Corp. is prepping a nationwide broadband-Internet service using a satellite from EchoStar Corp. EchoStar Corp. According to three people familiar with the situation.

Dish and EchoStar will be able to handle about 2 million new customers for their internet service, according to one person. The EchoStar 17 satellite will be used, it launched into orbit July 5, and can support download speeds of 15 megabits per second. Though introductory nationwide packages will probably offer rates of 5 megabits per second so the system can take on more capacity.

This all the result of technological advances for the U.S. satellite industry, which can now use higher-frequency bands to offer faster broadband to more people. Dish already offers satellite broadband through a partnership with Carlsbad, California-based ViaSat Inc., though that only covers certain parts of the U.S.

This satellite broadband- internet service will mainly be for those who live in rural areas and who may not have access to cable broadband. Dish expects to formally offer the service in late September or early October.