Father Puts Together a Breathing Detector Using a Wiimote and Lasers to Monitor Infant

(Youtube Video )

The above video is a video of a device that Gjoci, a hacker and a blogger before becoming a father, made to monitor his new born daughters breathing. He was already developing this device and what it does is alerts him of any irregular breathing coming from his daughter, or if the breathing stopped entirely.

This is done by using the Nintendo Wiimote, three 1 milliwatt lasers, along with a simple program that prompts the camera as to whether the lights emitted from the lasers are moving, signaling there is breathing. The basic concept is if motion is detected than everything is fine, but if there isn’t any motion detected an alarm will go off alerting both parents immediately.

I know as I am a father now any new development that can help in child safety is welcomed by me, you never can be too safe and this is just a great creative way to make sure your child is getting the best sleep possible and they are completely safe. Watch the above video to see it in action.


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