Apple Applies for iPad Backside Controls Patent

Apple has applied for a patent that would allow users to control various aspects of their iPad using backside controls. This looks to help iPad users experience a new way of gaming on their tablet. The sensor-based controls are positioned right under the surface of the iPad so that it does not resemble physical buttons.

Of course since this is just a patent application, rest assured that this technology won’t be on any iPad in the near future. An issue Apple must face in developing these controls on the iPad is that in order to detect where your hands and fingers are, more sensors are required to come into play, which means more battery life will be drained from the device. Apple will have to find a way to implement these backside controls to be easy to use while gaming and also not run out the battery in hurry.

I really like the idea of having backside controls on a tablet, just the way a tablet sits in your hands, depending on the size, it seems to me that extra buttons on the back of the tablet could really help while playing games or for whatever other use Apple may have in mind.

I always like the idea of the backside control on the Motorola Charm, although the phone itself may not be the best device I still like the control panel on the backside and I have always found myself in situation where I find it would be convenient to have back controls on my BlackBerry. Also Sony has the PS Vita which introduced many to a new experience in gaming with their backside control panels (shown off in photo below).

Sony PS Vita backside controls

Sony PS Vita backside controls


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