French Central Bank Experienced Security Breach, Password Actually Was 123456

Apparently a French citizen breached the security of the French Central Bank (Banque de France) unintentionally over the phone.

He was freed by French authorities after being accused of hacking the central bank. And triggering a 48-hours shut down of that computer system which handles the consumer indebtedness files.

The man was trying to avoid using the telephone support system for the bank. From an internet forum he thought he found a direct-line to the central bank employees. He dialed the number and was asked for a code by an automated system, he entered 123456 and it worked.

According to the man’s attorney, 654321 would have worked as well.

Apple “Shake to Charge” Patent May One Day Power iPhones and iPods

Apple has revealed the Cupertino company’s plans to use electromagnetic induction technology in their products in the future. Electromagnetic Induction is basically a production of an electric current in a conductive element as it moves through a magnetic field, which in turn is used to generate power.

Apple will be introducing this technology somehow in their products in the future but unlike the more traditional method of electromagnetic induction, Apple’s version will use printed coils with moveable magnets, while the typical version is the opposite where a coil will move around a stationary magnet. Seen below.

According to the patent, it can be mounted onto a portable device with Apple’s iPod and iPhone used as examples.