Spanish University to be First University to Implement NFC Technology Across Entire Campus

The Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), is to be the first university in the world to implement NFC technology across its entire campus.

According to director of multimedia, Samuel Mendoza, and director of the computing service, Sergio Leon, the University will use NFC for a number of different things on the campus like access control, canteen payments, transportation ticketing and more. This has been told to members of the Higher Education Smart Card Association (HESCA) at a meeting in London this month.

The NFC technology being implemented at UCAM was developed by the university in conjunction with Banco Santander, Vodafone, Gemalto, and the Public Transport Authority of the Region of Murcia (EPTRM).

There is a video demonstration produced by UCAM that shows how the NFC implementation will be used around the campus. Watch the Video Here.

Source: NFC World

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