Research Shows Mobile Malware Up 2,180%

According to ABI Research between Q1 2011 and Q2 2012 the number of unique malware variants grew by 2,180 percent reaching a total of 17,439.

This number is not going to decrease either, it will only increase as everyone moves to more mobile lifestyles. And as the number of smartphone and tablet users continue to grow, the number of attacks on the vulnerabilities these devices have will continue to grow.

“With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile threats are on the rise. This has implications for security at the corporate level as well as for individual privacy,” says Michela Menting, senior cyber security analyst.

ABI estimates that the global market for mobile application security will be worth $398 million by the end of 2012 (This includes revenues for paid apps, partnerships with manufacturers and operators, white label deals, and dataset sales).

The amount of mobile malware will grow also because games, social networking, productivity apps and financial tools are all flocking to the mobile platform.

“The mobile application security market is rife with vendors offering their wares. The priority now for end-users is understanding the issue at hand and finding the right offering that best suits their needs,” said Menting. To date, ABI calculates that there have been over 130 billion downloads of mobile security apps.

According to ABI, some of the mobile security vendors that are standing out among the dozens are AVG Technologies, Lookout, and Avast Software offer software that address malware, privacy and anti-theft concerns.

With regards to innovation Lookout, Dr.Web, and TrustGo stand-out among other vendors, says ABI.

As for implementation, McAfee, Kaspersky Lab, and Ikarus have excelled in deploying viable long-term strategies.

Source: Network World


One thought on “Research Shows Mobile Malware Up 2,180%

  1. ESET has a great mobile antivirus app, as does sophos. I have not tried AVG or Avast, but if they are anything like their home computer counterparts, then they are not any good at all.


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