ANZ to Launch NFC Payments Service in 2013

Australian banking group ANZ has begun an NFC payments trial and announced plans to launch a commercial service in 2013.

ANZ is using the Samsung Galaxy S III Android phones to conduct it’s payment trial. Last year the bank tested a microSD-based NFC solution.

According to the bank, “ANZ has selected Android based on customer feedback that their preference is for built-in NFC support rather than requiring an additional component such as an NFC-enabled cover or memory card”.

“Customers who use multiple payment cards and who would prefer to live in a cashless world will enjoy the benefits of the ANZ mobile wallet,”, according to ANZ.

“No PIN code will be required for transactions under A$100 (US$101.80), payments will be charged directly to customers’ accounts, and customers will see an electronic receipt on their mobile phone screen immediately following their transactions.”


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