Acoustic Barcodes Use Sounds to Relay Information (Video)

Youtube Video demonstrating acoustic barcodes and showing different ways this technology can be used.

These acoustic barcodes are really pretty cool and there seems to be some useful ways they can be used in everyday life. Though with technology like NFC and QR Codes this might not be the easiest way to transfer information. But the acoustic barcodes don’t require any sort of special technology on the phone side, not even a camera, which could be a big feature.

The idea behind the acoustic barcodes is basically the same as a regular barcode, an app easily converts the different dots and dashes to a data value, similar the squares of a QR code. But with the acoustic barcodes the data that is converted is retrieved from sounds.

Using a phone, pen or any other object really you slide the object across a series of grooves that creates a unique, identifiable snippet of sound that is read by the app and converted. Like Morse code for machines.

The examples given on the above video really show that there are almost unlimited possibilities to using this cool technology, but we probably still won’t see this being used often with all the easier forms of technology that are being built into phones now.


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