Facebook to Exchange Free WiFi Hotspots for Check-ins

With the ability to check-in virtually anywhere you go from Facebook, to let your friends know where you are, and with this feature becoming more popular as time goes by Facebook is looking to capitalize on users check-ins.

This is good news because this will not only benefit Facebook, but it will benefit users as these check-ins will be “exchanged” for free WiFi. According to reports, it seems that Facebook is currently trialing some sort of pilot program in which they provide some businesses with “Facebook routers” which provide free WiFi hotspots to customers.

Customers will just need to check-in at their location and they will then be directed to that business’s Facebook page, where depending on the business, deals and special offers could also be given to those that check-in and the customer will get free access to WiFi hotspot.

This is not only good for the user who gets free WiFi, but also to the business that gains more exposure. Also for Facebook who will get the free data which helps create more specific ads, which may not really be what most people want to hear is that Facebook will gather even more specific data about you. Although this doesn’t mean that those who refuse to check-in don’t get the free WiFi, in fact the WiFi will still be provided but will require a password that should be given by the establishment.


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