Security Hole Discovered in Instagram iOS App

If you use the Instagram application on your iPhone or other iOS devices, it is worth noting that a researcher has discovered a vulnerability within the Instagram application for iOS devices that will grant hackers access to your account, allowing them to take over it and even delete your photos.

This is due to the way the app authenticates itself with the Instagram servers, through the use of unencrypted cookies to confirm your account info with the Instagram servers. What this means is that if you were to use Instagram while hooked to an unsecure network, such as a public WiFi, whoever controls that WiFi access point can in theory grab that cookie, which in turn can be used to access your account by connecting with Instagram’s servers.

The researcher who found the security holes has reportedly reached out to Instagram to inform them of the vulnerability. It seems that it has been about a month now and there has not been any word from Instagram over the matter, let alone an update that will fix the security hole.

It is not yet clear whether or not the Android version on the Instagram application is similarly affected.


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