RIM Stop Avoiding Us! Give Us an Answer! Why is Facebook for BlackBerry Down? Updated

Update 8:09 P.M.: Well it looks like Facebook is back up and running now. I still would like some kind of explanation as to what happened cause it was really very strange and annoying. Either way I’m happy that it is now working and hope nothing like that happens again!

Update 3:03 P.M.: Some Facebook users are experiencing unknown issues. We are investigating it and apologize for any inconvenience. This is the message my wife received from RIM about the Facebook issue, so why not just make a public statement by posting on Twitter that there is an issue? Like I said my wife and I have not had access to Facebook since last night and we are just now hearing that RIM is working on a resolution. This is the most disappointed I have ever been with RIM and their lack of communication here, regardless there is a fix coming I guess although I’m still not happy this has not been publicly addressed or acknowledged by RIM in any way.

Update 1:00 P.M.: Well it’s obvious that RIM knows there’s an issue here and neither @BlackBerry nor @BlackBerryHelp will even reply? Just a simple answer like we’re working on a fix or something, just acknowledge us! This is becoming one of the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with having to do with RIM. I’m getting so upset that they are for whatever reason completely avoiding the whole situation and on top of that all these BlackBerry news outlets who constantly write something about RIM, even when there is no news, are oddly quiet. I have even reached out to many of them and have heard nothing.

This may just be the last straw for me, my BlackBerry has failed me so many times I can’t even begin to count them and it really is never reliable AT ALL when I need it to be. Literally 90% of the time when I reach for my BlackBerry, when I need to get stuff done, it is either frozen, incredibly laggy or just the piece of shit just flat out refuses to cooperate. I have always been a strong supporter of RIM and of BlackBerry and I have rarely even discussed all of the horrible experiences I have had because of my BlackBerry failing to do what I need, but I will no longer be a supporter of BlackBerry in any way because of this nonsense on top of everything else, because of RIM avoiding ‘us’ their loyal customers! Give us an explanation for Facebook being Down!!!! We deserve an answer now!

Apparently Facebook for BlackBerry is down for many users, including myself. There are a few people on Twitter complaining about the current outage and I myself have tweeted @BlackBerry multiple times and have got no reply and don’t see where anyone else has either.

We would all love to know what’s going on here RIM? My wife and my Facebook have both been down since last night around 10:00 P.M. so we would love to have this issue resolved soon. At least an answer and some kind of explanation would be nice, please tweet RIM and reach out for an explanation and I will post anything new I hear or see here. Comment if you have any input or any thing to add.


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