XDA University Has Officially Launched

If you’ve always been interested in creating apps or developing for smartphones but had trouble finding the resources to learn it, you might recall a couple of months back that XDA Developers announced that they would be launching XDA University to help people with that.

This is basically a website where all the tutorials and resources required to develop are consolidated into one location, making it easy and convenient for beginning developers to find what they need.

Good news is that the website has been officially launched and you can visit the website to start learning now.

There are tutorials separated into user-based and developer-based:

    • User-based tutorials will teach regular beginners how to flash their Android devices, recovery and etc.

    • Developer-based tutorials will dive into the more technical aspects of things, for those who have always wanted to flash custom ROMs and tweak ROMs.

This is a great service the XDA developers are providing here, and I hope a lot of you take advantage of it!


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