Trakdot Luggage Sends Luggage Location to Mobile Devices

Trackdot has announced the Trackdot Luggage, a device that will ensure that you never loss your luggage and that your luggage never gets misplaced if you check it at the airport.

The device is a palm-sized tracker that is ultra-light and is meant to fit into any sized bag. Trackdot let’s passengers keep constant tabs on their luggage.

Once travelers register the device on the Trakdot website they can place the device in their checked baggage, they will receive location information directly to their mobile phone or by via either text or email. The luggage locator system delivers real-time, city-specific information on the whereabouts of checked baggage.

Travelers can also check the location of their luggage on or download the free Trakdot Luggage app. Also available for download is an additional app that will alert passengers as their bag is approaching on the carousel in the baggage claim of the airport.

The Trackdot Luggage device will be available in March 2013 for $49.95 USD with an $8.99 USD activation fee and an annual service fee of $12.99 USD, according to a press release from Trakdot. It will be compatible with any mobile, device including Apple and Android devices.


One thought on “Trakdot Luggage Sends Luggage Location to Mobile Devices

  1. Ever since i have had my @find my iphone app@ i have never been able to lose my phone, even when it was stole i tracked it down and got it back! This is a fab suitcase idea, bringing technology to travel – who wants to lose their suitcase?!


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