Bluebird To Cut Care Costs By Using NFC

Sixty care workers in the UK’s Bath and North East Somerset area have begun using NFC phones to log their visits to clients’ homes.

Bluebird Care is using Advanced Health & Care’s iConnect Service to record workers’ arrival and departure times at customers’ homes via NFC as well as to deliver real-time task lists and data to the care workers’ mobile phones.

“The use of iConnect will improve efficiencies and provide us with greater transparency around care delivery,” explains Tim Rowland Jones, managing director of the local Bluebird Care franchise. “We’ll know exactly when our care workers arrive and leave customers’ homes and there will no longer be a reliance on paper rosters and follow-up phone calls between the office and care workers when appointments need rearranging.”

The switch to iConnect is expected to reduce phone costs by 10% and paper, printing and postage costs by 50%.

“We are committed to providing the very best quality of care to our 200 customers,” says Rowland Jones. “This latest mobile solution will ensure we continue to provide the highest levels of service whilst operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.”

Source: NFC World


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