Infrascanner 2000 Does Rapid CT Screening

ow here is a medical device that does seem to hail from the future – the Infrascanner 2000 which is capable of performing rapid CT screening even when one is in the field.

The device looks like a modern, technologically advanced version of a magic wand, and it will rely on Near Infrared technology in order to function as a portable CT. A hematoma can be detected through the measurement of light absorption by both halves of the brain. When it “sees” a normal brain, it ought to show symmetrical light absorption. Should there be any differences between one side or the other, this will most likely be hematoma. As extravascular blood builds up, the amount of light absorbed would be greater, revealing the trauma along the way.

Already approved by the FDA in 2011, the Infrascanner 2000 functions as a triage measure in order to diagnose the need for immediate intervention before proper hospital care is dispensed. It takes approximately two minutes for each rapid CT screening session, and while not pricing details have been revealed, it ought to be on sale Stateside soon.

Source: Ubergizmo


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