New phone bypass discovered in iOS 7.0.2 lockscreen


Patch fails to resolve lockscreen vulnerabilities

A newly-documented technique lets people bypass the lockscreen in iOS 7.0.2 and dial any phone number, not just emergency numbers. The method involves waiting for a notification, or forcing one by sending a text message or ejecting the SIM card. Once the notification pops up, a hacker has to swipe right on it while simultaneously swiping up on the Camera icon. While keeping a finger on the Camera icon, a person must then slide to unlock and tap the Emergency Call button. After dialing, hitting the Call button quickly two or three times should crash Springboard, but allow the call to go through once Springboard restarts.

The v7.0.2 update was itself meant to resolve earlier lockscreen vulnerabilities. The person credited with discovering the new bug, Dany Lisiansky, notes that he also recently found a v7.0.2 vulnerability allowing someone to skip the lockscreen via Siri or Voice Control and access photos, emails, and messages. Apple has had a recurring problem with new versions of iOS enabling lockscreen bypasses, which it then has to quickly close.

Source: Electronista


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