Amazon May Release Smartphone on June 18th


Ever since Amazon released the first Kindle Fire tablet,we’ve been curious to know is the company was interested in a Smartphone…
Rumors have shown that a Smartphone is in works for quite a time now,and rumors also have talked about unusual features like a multi camera gesture tracking system and a pseudo-3D eye tracking interface…
Rumors also talked about a launch as soon as this quarter,and that seems to be true as Amazon has revealed its plans for a June 18 event,where the company may well release the phone…

Amazon has also posted a teaser video,that doesn’t shows the device in question,but shows users interacting with it…and there talk of how it “moves with them” and the shorts of them moving there head back and forth to see how the product performs,fits nicely with our expectation of pseudo-3D eye tracking… 

Source: Tech-Met


With Launch of Pantry, Amazon Thinks Prime Members Will Pay for Some Deliveries


Amazon Prime is synonymous with free (two-day) shipping for those who pay for the annual membership. But with a new service called Prime Pantry, Amazon is betting that Prime customers will agree to pony up and pay for shipping for items such as 12-can packs of Coke or a six-roll paper towel pack.

The service gives Prime customers the ability to order as much canned foods, cereal, snacks, beverages and everyday household items as can fit in a four-cubic-foot box that holds up to 45 pounds. No matter how packed or empty the box is, it costs $5.99 to deliver it. As customers add Pantry items to their online shopping cart, they are told what percentage of the box is full.

For Amazon, the program gives them a way to try to drive demand for some products that would have been cost-prohibitive to ship for free.

But on first blush, Amazon doesn’t make it very clear what’s in it for Prime customers that are paying the $79 a year membership fee (soon to be $99), in large part for the free shipping feature of the membership.

Is it that most of these items were never available for free shipping in the first place? And so if you pack a bunch of them together in a box, the $6 shipping charge will be cheaper than if you would have ordered them separately?

Or is that some, most or all of the available products were never sold on Amazon at all?

The Prime Pantry page makes it seem like a little of both; it references both a “wider range of products” and highlights some “new selections” including single boxes of Cheerios, 12-packs of Coke and a 100-ounce container of Tide laundry detergent.

But it’s still not totally clear how much of the Pantry collection is new stuff you couldn’t previously get through Amazon.

So I asked an Amazon spokeswoman to explain the program’s benefits to shoppers. She mentioned the exclusivity of the program — it’s only available to Prime members; the fact that you’re getting some heavy items delivered to your door; and that shoppers are getting “low prices on everyday essentials in everyday sizes.”

The last point is a subtle dig at the Costcos and Sam’s Clubs of the world that provide good prices in exchange for customers being willing to buy larger size packs of an item than perhaps they otherwise would have.

The problem is that Amazon doesn’t spell out just how much of a deal these Pantry items are.

Maybe it won’t matter. Maybe Prime customers so love Amazon that they will see value in getting a shipment of Doritos, deodorant, toilet paper and cereal delivered to their door in one tidy box.

Or maybe the digital coupons displayed next to many of the items will give the impression that Pantry items are cheaper on Amazon than they are anywhere else.

Still, Amazon would do well to better market why Prime customers would get into the habit of paying $6 shipping charges when they have been trained to almost always expect free shipping.

But if Pantry finds some success, it has the potential to build up the frequency of orders from Prime members. And that has the potential to make the economics of the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service, which includes perishable foods and drinks, look a lot better as it rolls out to more cities in the future.

Source: re/code

Amazon Defeats IBM In $600 Million CIA Contract Case


It was rumored back in March that Amazon had been awarded a $600 million contract by the CIA to develop a cloud computing infrastructure for the clandestine agency. It is believed that this new infrastructure will cut costs for the CIA as it looks to build a new way to handle enormous amounts of data efficiently. 

When Amazon was named as the provider, IBM moved the court to reopen bidding for the contract. IBM had concerns on the process through which the contract had been awarded to Amazon, it believed that the prices were not properly evaluated and that a contract requirement had been waived for Amazon. The effort to reopen bidding has been squashed by Amazon in court.

The hammer was laid down by Judge Thomas Wheeler of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington. IBM is obviously not happy. The company says in a statement that it is “disappointed” with the ruling made by the court and that it plans to file an appeal against this decision.

IBM goes on to say that in light of current times this decision is “especially inappropriate,” adding that IBM’s bid was superior in a number of ways while also being “substantially more cost-effective.” Amazon is yet to comment on this ruling, but it seems to be far from a victory, given that IBM is showing no signs of backing off any time soon.

Source: Ubergizmo

Tablet Comparison Chart 2012 (Amazon, Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung)

This is a chart that Research In Motion has made and they call it their “Sales Battle Card”. It is a comparison chart between the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook, Apple’s New iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

As you can see the BlackBerry PlayBook definitely blows the competition away. But sadly most people won’t see this chart or they won’t take time to look and compare for themselves. The PlayBook really is an amazing device, I just don’t think people are going to give it the notice and credit it deserves, not trying to be too bias here, but mainly people won’t except the PlayBook for what it is because it isn’t an Apple product and it’s not called the iPad.

BlackBerry phones do have there fair share of problems, I am definitely a hardcore BlackBerry user and my Bold 9900 is constantly giving me problems. So I can understand peoples frustrations with BlackBerry devices. But honestly if BlackBerry 10 is anything like what is promised and since it is built with QNX software like the PlayBook is and it will have similar functionality as the PlayBook, I think BlackBerry 10 is really going to be a smartphone worth trying even if you dislike BlackBerry.

Amazon Planning to Release ‘Five or Six’ Devices

According to Demos Parneros, president of US retail for Staples, Amazon has plans to release ‘five or six’ devices, he told Reuters. The devices come in a range of sizes which includes a 10-inch tablet device. There is no word on weather or not a smartphone is one of the planned devices, though that has been rumored many times.

Amazon has also announced that it’ll be creating a new R&D hub in London, focusing on its services and APIs for TVs, consoles, smartphones and PCs, aimed at rolling these out across the globe. Although Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, with it’s Android App Store, that has been available in the US is still not available outside of the US.

I really do like the Kindle Fire as a tablet and I am anxious to see what Amazon releases in their next tablet on the market and I would love to see an Amazon smartphone make it’s way to the market at some point as well!

Cloud Based Music Services

Cloud based music services are a great idea, it’s a great way for people to be able to download music and have somewhere to store their data and reinstall/re-download when they need to. It is very convenient to have the options to use cloud based services for data like music, it’s easily accessible and is easy to use to store your data.

Amazon has officially announced the Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player music services. This is almost directly competing with Apple now that Apple has been said to be working on a similar service. So we will see how this plays out and who will have the better overall cloud based music service once we see Amazon and Apple and whoever else may come out with a similar product.

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