iPhone 5s Users Experiencing ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ Bug [Video]

Apple launched its iPhone 5s just a few weeks ago, although shortly after its release, users of the new iPhone have been reporting a number of issues with the device. We recently heard the motion sensors on the iPhone 5s are slightly out of whack, as well as rumors of the device possibly bending just like the iPhone 5 did when it was first released. A new issue with the iPhone 5s has come up, this time bringing the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” with it.

Yes – you read right. A number of iPhone 5s owners have taken to the Apple support forums to report they have been experiencing the blue screen of death on their devices. The most common method of experiencing the blue screen of death seems to be when iPhone 5s owners use Apple’s suite of iWork applications. One user recorded the instance and published it on YouTube, which we can see the problem seems to come up when attempting to multitask between different iWork applications. Once the iPhone 5s reaches the blue screen of death, the device automatically reboots itself, which could certainly be an issue if your neck deep in an iWork document.

At this time, Apple has yet to make any remarks towards the iPhone 5s’ blue screen of death issue, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any updates regarding it.

Source: Ubergizmo


iPhone 5s vs. the competition: Spec comparison


Via: Android Central

It’s no secret that Apple has just unveiled its latest devices, the iPhone 5s and 5c, and while our friends over at iMore dive deeper into the Apple-centric coverage we want to see how its latest device’s specs stack up against the Android hardware.

Going head-to-head with Google’s (admittedly 11-month old) latest reference device the Nexus 4 and the HTC One, the iPhone 5s stacks up pretty comparably. The latest iPhone sticks with the 4-inch 326 ppi “Retina” display, matching up to the 4.7-inch 320 ppi of the Nexus 4 and absurdly nice 4.7-inch 468 ppi of the One. On the camera front Apple has moved to an 8MP BSI camera much like the Nexus 4, but with larger pixels like the One and a few new features included in the form of software optimization, a new image signal processor and dual LED flash.

The rest of the specs round out very similarly as other high-end devices out there today, but there are naturally a few points where each device stands out. Stick around after the break for a full spec-by-spec breakdown of the iPhone 5S vs. the Nexus 4, HTC One and the latest BlackBerry and Windows Phone handsets.

Source: Android Central